Our Expertise

We are one of the prominent CA firms established in Punjab & Chandigarh by CA. Rahul Gupta, having experience in matters of Direct & Indirect Taxation, Company Law, MCS & IPR Services. The firm understands the client's perspective - the need for responsive legal advice, expertise, and value. The firm focuses on building long-term client relationships through integrity, honesty, and consistency.
Appeals & Tribunal

Our approach has been to prepare the case from the first level of litigation to the Appeals & Tribunals to ensure the uniform strategy with relevant evidence to support the positions taken by the tax payer.

Our attorneys also appear themselves before the aurhorities & courts. This has ensure proper representation and preparation of the cases for our clients.

Assessments (Scrutiny)

We handled the assessment proceedings before the Income Tax & GST Competent Authorities. We personally appear before the authroities & commissioner to ensure the proper representation and preparation of the cases for our clients.

Tax Disputes

India has a complex income tax and goods and services tax regime. With the law constantly change to reflect the current policy of the government and a tenacious tax department that tends to litigate most issues, handling tax function in most companies can be challenging.


The changing business environment with digital becoming cornerstone of companies, tax assessments and compliances require constant review and support.

Tax Planning
MCS (Planning & Execution)
Legal Opinion

Tax planning is an excellent opportunity to increase the bottom line of a business. In no other area can good advice and planning save so much of our hard-earned money. Because we work so closely with our clients, we identify many opportunities to save money through astute tax planning whilst complying with the tax legislation at all times.


Our goal is to minimise their tax liabilities. Working together with our tax advisors within the network, our partners develop a clear tax planning strategy for all our personal and corporate clients.


The Firm has deep insight on business processes and therefore is in a unique position to provide clients constructive ideas and insights leading to improved business efficiencies, better compliance, good corporate governance and business risk mitigation.

The Firm maintains a very professional healthy working relationship developed over years which is a relationship of trust. Therefore, our clients seek our objective suggestions based on the understanding of the business and driven by trust.

Rahul B Gupta & Co., Chartered Accountants has a strong tax practice that provides comprehensive advice to clients on legal aspects of both direct and indirect taxation.

Our Tax team advises clients on a wide array of issues including in relation to import and export of goods & services and the tax implications on business within India.


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